Eltag trading Ltd.

Is a Sudanese company and has a solid partnership with a network of local suppliers to ensure security of supply, and to build long term relationships. Eltag trading Ltd participates in SEDEX and works only with trusted suppliers who apply strict standards regarding labor, health and safety, environment and business ethics. The products of Eltag trading Ltd are being controlled accordingly and meet the highest quality standards in respect to food safety.

Our Mission

More than 70% of Africa’s 1 billion plus population live in rural areas. From this huge number, 90% depend on small or micro-scale farming as their primary source of livelihood. It would be fair to say that agriculture is the lifeblood of Africa. Eltag business model was designed to create demand for the under-utilised, but extraordinary, natural products - or "super-ingredients" as we call them - cultivated by these small farmers, many of whom are surviving on less than $1 a day. Some of these super-ingredients already grow wild on their land (like baobab) and others can easily be cultivated by small farmers (moringa).
We invest heavily in marketing to raise awareness of these super-ingredients, which are often unknown in the Western world, and to educate consumers and the trade about their  health benefits.
Unlike other companies who operate at arms-length from producers, Eltag is run by people who enjoy and have in-depth experience of working directly with communities. This enables us to ensure quality standards and ensure that producers are paid a fair price for their goods.