Gum arabic is the dried exudate produced from the trunk and branches of the Acacia senegal tree, known as hashab or hard gum, and the Acacia seyal tree, known as talha or flaky gum. The trees grow widely across the Sahelian belt of Africa which called (gum belt), situated north of the equator up to the Sahara desert.

Gum arabic is a pale white to orange brown solid which breaks with a glassy fracture. If stored properly, it stays unaltered for decades.

Gum Arabic Properties

Gum Arabic is not chemically modified and qualifies for “natural” labeling or “no artificial additives” claims. It is a high source of fiber – it contains no less than 85% soluble dietary fiber (dry basis) – and has low calorific value.

SOLUBILITY Can yield+ solutions up to 55% concentration. Gum Arabic is truly soluble in cold water other gums are either insoluble in cold water or form colloidal suspension, not true solution.
VISCOSITY A 20% aqueous solution will give less than 100 cps;i.e Gum Arabic is not very viscous at such concentration .High viscosity is obtained only at concentration of 40-50%.
FILM -FORMING Gum Arabic’s superb film –forming properties make it ideal for some confectionary coatings and lithographic plate solutions.
EMULSIFIER Gum Arabic produces highly stable emulsions making it very useful in the preparation of oil –in-water food flavor emulsions, particularly for citrus
COLOR Colorless (top quality) to pale straw color (average quality).
TASTE Gum Arabic has no off-taste. The taste of flavoring products co-spray dried with Gum Arabic is not affected or dulled by Gum Arabic as carrier.
FIBER Gum Arabic can be regarded as 96%”solube fiber”, according to the latest evidence by nutritional experts.
CALORIC VALUE Officially recognized in the USA as being under 1 Kcal per gram. Generally defined as polysacharide dietary fiber with reduced caloric intake.
CHOLESTEROL REDUCER Human dietary intake studies have indicated a reduction in blood cholesterol levels when an average amount of 25 grams per day of Gum Arabicis ingested in solutions.
TOXICOLOGICAL STATUS “ADI not specified “(JEFACA + EEC);”Generally Recognized as safe “(GRAS),USA

Gum Arabic – Composition

Characteristic HASHAB

(Acacia senegal)


(Acacia seyal)

% galactose 44 38
% arabinose 27 46
% rhamnose 13 4
% glucuronic acid 14.5 6.5
4-O-methyl glucouronic acid 1.5 5.5